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Replacement Computer Parts

We maintain the most complete stock of computer parts in the Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand area! Our warehouse section of our store is larger than most local computer stores entire facility!

Please note that although we primarily sell new items, we do have a large stock of used parts so if you're looking for something unique, we may have it!

Partial list of the items we have in-stock:

Power Supplies (XT, AT, ATX, mATX, etc)
Power adapters
Cables of all types
Printer accessories
Printer cards
Cleaning kits
Processors (AMD and Intel)
Computer cases & power supplies
RAM (Fastpage, DDR, DDR2, DD3 for PC's and Laptops)
Concentrators (hubs)
Removable drives & enclosures for Hard Drives
Routers, wireless with wired switches
CPU chips/modules
SCSI controllers and cables
Data switches
Software (limited)
Drives, floppy, CD-ROM, DVD, hard drives, etc.
Sound cards (PCI)
Switches and Hubs for networking
Floppy drives
Game controllers
UPS systems
Hard drives (PC and Laptop)
Video cards
USB devices of all types
I/O cards
Wall plates
IDE controller cards
Wrist rests
Writers (CD-RW)
Keyboard drawers
plus Much More...
Mouse pads
Modems (PCI and ISA)
Monitors (CRT and LCD flatscreen)
Motherboards (AMD and Intel)
Network cables and connectors
Network interface cards (PCI and PCI Express)
Network hubs and switches

We also stock many electronic components like fuses, resistors, and capacitors, etc.

CompuDirect of Myrtle Beach is South Carolina's largest computer center. We are located near Myrtle Beach, S.C., a region called The Grand Strand. We're in an area called Socastee that is central to everyone along the Grand Strand.

CompuDirect of Myrtle Beach CompuDirect of Myrtle Beach
4232 Socastee Blvd.
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588
Tel: 843-293-2667
Hours: 9-6 Mon-Fri and
9-2 Sat

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