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Why Go to a Qualified Computer Center?

CompuDirect is the leader in computer sales, service, training, and testing along South Carolina's Grand Strand because we KNOW what we're doing and because we treat every customer the way we would want to be treated ourselves.

The following images were recently taken of a customer's machine that came into us for service. The computer was recently built by another local computer company that we'll not name. Matter of fact, the computer was less than 4 weeks old and thus still under warranty.  I'll explain:

Here at CompuDirect, the first thing we always do is remove the cover and make a visual inspection of the machine. We immediately noticed that the antistatic shipping pad had been purposely installed on the motherboard.  This was a big clue for us to look further.  In general, the computer was assembled in a very unprofessional manner -- the wires and cables were not secured, the hard drive, CD-ROM, and floppy drive were all sharing the same power lead, the RAM was the cheap memory, the CPU fan was not the ball bearing type (ie, it was a cheap type), and it had one of the slowest and cheapest hard drives installed that is available today.   Not to mention the fact that the antistatic shipping protector had actually been installed onto the motherboard!  The last item shows a level of incompetence that's absolutely amazing.

Of course, we could not do anything about the type of equipment that was installed but we did fix the rest of the problems at no charge to the customer.  And, no, we didn't 'bad mouth' the other computer store, even though I think the customer really got ripped off!

The moral of the story is: Buyer Beware!

The way NOT to build a computer:

(click on the photo for an enlarged image)

ie01.JPG (86912 bytes) Really neat work, heh? Notice the wires and cabling, the CPU fan, the type of hard drive, and the incorrectly wired major components.
ie02.JPG (65132 bytes) A close-up of the antistatic shipping protector. Keep in-mind that this protector is a CONDUCTOR of electricity and will, over a short time, completely ruin the computer!
ie03.JPG (60534 bytes) Notice: There's no logo on the front of the small minitower case (if we did work like this, we'd be ashamed to put a logo on it too) and there's the antistatic shipping protector. Look really close.  Did you see the missing screw on the hard drive and the 3 (yes, 3 not 2) screws in the CD-ROM?

CompuDirect of Myrtle Beach is South Carolina's largest computer sales center. We are located near Myrtle Beach, S.C., a region called The Grand Strand. We're in an area called Socastee that is central to everyone along the Grand Strand.

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