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Why Should I Put My Trust in CompuDirect?

CompuDirect of Myrtle Beach was formed in 1982 by Dennis Scott while he was still in the Air Force. In 1992, he retired from the Air Force and went full time with the company.  In 1997 we moved our operations into our new huge 8000 square foot facility in the heart of the Grand Strand (a community called Socastee - near Myrtle Beach, S.C.). 

You'll find that we are a family-run business that is established and respected -- one you can trust to "do you right". Click here for pictures of our facility and personnel.

What We Can Do For You


CompuDirect of Myrtle Beach is an authorized Original Equipment Manufacturer located right here on the Grand Strand.  We manufacture and sell custom-designed, high performance computers per your requirements.  We have made, sold, and shipped thousands of computers to customers literally all over the world. 


You would expect to pay more for custom designed computers but that is not the case here at CompuDirect of Myrtle Beach.  We're able to sell our made-for-you systems at extremely competitive prices due to our large volume.  When a canned, low performance machine just will not do, choose CompuDirect of Myrtle Beach!
Networking If you need to connect multiple computers together, CompuDirect of Myrtle Beach is your source to get it accomplished.  We install virtually all types of network operating systems from Linux to Microsoft.  From 2 to 2000 users, from servers to network wiring, we're your full-service networking professionals.

Printers, Toner, Images Drums, Fusers, etc. in the USA

For the best price anywhere in the USA, follow us on This is our online printer sales side of the business that has been going since the late 90's. No matter where you are, we can help save you money on any printer need!

Service &

And, what about service after the sale?  We're local, we're professionals, and we're the largest with the capability to maintain, service, repair, and upgrade the computers we manufacture as well as nearly anybody else's computers.
Upgrades Not only do we upgrade our own computers, we have the ability to upgrade nearly all types of computers.  From memory, hard drives, to CPU upgrades, we do it all and quickly - parts are usually on-hand!
Parts Simply put, we have the largest stock of new replacement parts available!  Our warehouse itself is bigger than most of the other computer center's entire facility!
For more information, give us a call at 843-293-2667 or browse this web site.

Some Facts About Us

Some facts about us (click on the logo or underlined text for link):
It all adds up! (2966 bytes)

It all adds up!

We're an A+ Certified Service Center by CompTIA

A Microsoft OEM Reseller

An authorized Acer Reseller

An Okidata Reseller

A Xerox authorized reseller

A Printronix authorized reseller

An authorized HP Printer and Plotter reseller.

Lexmark reseller.

Panasonic Whiteboard reseller

Konica-Minolta printer reseller

An authorized Intel and AMD reseller

An authorized service center for Okidata, Panasonic, and Citizen

We're an authorized service center for nearly every 3rd-party warranty company, such as NEW, NWC, IDS, and VAC to name just a few.

We sell web hosting services - small and large

We have a huge 8000 square foot facility central to everyone on the Grand Strand

We have the biggest staff of personnel

We have the most qualified technicians

We have the best test and service equipment

We have a massive inventory of computers and computer-related parts in-stock at all times

And most importantly, we have the most satisfied customers!

Drop by and see for yourself -- we think you'll agree. 

CompuDirect of Myrtle Beach is South Carolina's largest computer sales center. We are located near Myrtle Beach, S.C., a region called The Grand Strand. We're in an area called Socastee that is central to everyone along the Grand Strand.

CompuDirect of Myrtle Beach CompuDirect of Myrtle Beach
4232 Socastee Blvd.
Myrtle Beach, SC 29588
Tel: 843-293-2667
Hours: 9-6 Mon-Fri
Closed Sat, Sun & Holidays

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